Transcriptional Regulation Database

Experimental data on gene transcriptional regulation are distributed throughout many and various databases and datasets. Currently, no resource exists that would automatically integrate these data and provide a one-stop shop experience for the user seeking for retrieving experimental and predicted information on transcription factors and gene regulatory regions — information essential for deciphering and modeling gene regulatory networks.

We developed a semantic, ontology-driven, graph-base, deep-web data integration environment that automatically captures, integrates, and manages transcriptional regulatory data from publicly available databases and datasets. To our knowledge, this is the first resource integrating all publicly available genomic, transcriptomic, genetic and functional data on gene transcriptional regulation in eukaryotes and prokaryotes.

BiologicalNetworks database integrates about 100,000 different data types and features from more than 100 experimental and computationally derived data sources and provides access to sequences and structures of transcription factors, TFBSs, promoters and other gene regulatory regions, TF and gene orthologous, disease relationships, mutations and SNPs, gene expression, gene function, pathways, protein-protein interactions, and other information.


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