The New King of Gas

When I heard that a gas company had opened up a website to attract new customers, I initially brushed it off. I was fine with the service I was getting from my gas company and didn’t really see a need to switch. As time passed, people talked to me about they switched to the company and got better rates than their old plans. I thought they were exaggerating and asked them how much they saved, and when I heard their results, I was stunned. I went to the site to see what kind of deal I could get by switching.

The prices were quite unbelievable. The price that they were offering was the equivalent of half of what a person would be paying with any other company. I had a feeling that there had to be some kind of catch or fine print to the deals they were offering. Read More

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Great Offers for DirecTV in My Area

I was wanting satellite TV and high-speed Internet. I have been a satellite TV subscriber for a long time. I have gotten used to the features and enjoy them a lot. When we moved, I was wondering about the cost to get DirecTV in my area along with fast Internet as a bundle. I have found that if you are actually going to be using certain services, you can usually do better on the price if you get a bundled option. This is especially true if you get a discount on service that does not expire. The cable companies offer bundles, but I did not want cable TV. I wanted my satellite TV, but I also want fast Internet service. I like to watch some things online, plus I am a photography buff who saves large image files and videos to the cloud.

We were in a new area with a new address, and I was wondering what would be available for brand new satellite and high speed Internet customers. Read More

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HVAC Repair Services in Manhattan

I don’t know what is wrong with the stupid AC unit, but it is really making me angry that it won’t turn on. I haven’t used it yet this season, but today it got really hot out. Well, at least really hot compared to how it has been the rest of the year. But when I went to turn it on, it just wouldn’t do anything, not even try to turn on. I need to find HVAC services in Manhattan, NY so that I can get someone to come over and take a look at it in the near future. I am not really sure what to make of this situation, and could not even guess if it is a major problem, or something small.

Of course, I hope that it is just a minor thing that can be repaired quickly without costing me a lot of money. I don’t think the air conditioning unit in this house is very old. I know it was here when we moved in, but I think it has been replaced in the last 5-8 years. If so, it really doesn’t seem reasonable that it should break down already. I wonder if it still has some sort of warranty, because air conditioning units are not cheap, and if you get one installed, you should not have to worry about it breaking down for at least 10 years. At least, that is my opinion on the matter.

I need to look for good prices on this repair work too. I don’t know what the easiest way to find good prices on such services. But I guess I could just start calling a bunch of companies in the area, and see who will give me the beast price. But that seems like a lot of work.

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It Was My Time to Get out on My Own for the First Time

Living with my parents for so long felt like a drag. I get along with them very well, but they need their privacy and I need mine. And not only that, I often stay out late, and I feel bad when I try to tiptoe in the house, but I learn that I have already accidentally woken my mom up because she heard my car pull into the driveway. I told her that there were a lot of Stockbridge apartments for rent that I was looking into. She was really sad about it.

I was surprised to hear from my dad, after hear learned from my mother that I was moving out. He called me from work, and that is not something he had ever done before. He wanted to know if I was upset with him and that was the reason that I was thinking of moving out. I assured him that was not the issue at all. Read More

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Choosing Your First Apartment in Raleigh

Looking for your first apartment when you’ve just graduated from college or graduate school can be a big deal. Many times it is going to be important to have something that is low maintenance since your new job will take most of you time. It can also be important to search for a place with some on-site amenities to ensure that you don’t have to spend a lot of additional time doing some everyday things at other places. When looking for Raleigh NC apartments, keep these things in mind when you begin to look around at your best options.

It is best to sit down and think about the things you want most in an apartment. Some of those might be creature comforts like having a nice kitchen, but others might be more of a necessity, like needing to have a one or two bedroom apartment. When taking size into consideration, think about if you will be living alone or with someone. If there is ever a possibility of a roommate, make certain to aim for 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom apartments, as these will be the most appealing to roommates and also beneficial for you as the main renter since you won’t have to share your bathroom. Other essentials for many are having in-apartment laundry. Read More

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Moving to an Apartment in Lewsville

I started looking at apartments in Lewisville not that long ago. I knew that I was going to live there after I graduate from college, and I wanted to have everything ready. I did not want to be left scrambling for a place to live after graduating. I had been saving the majority of my money for the last few years from working at the college bookstore, so I had plenty to put down a deposit and buy the furniture that I would need. Money wasn’t a problem, and the town wasn’t the problem. I just needed to find a nice place to live so I could start the next phase of my life.

I looked online since I am over 400 miles from Lewisville. I have already been promised a good job there, which is why I wanted to get everything ready so I could move there as soon as I graduate. That is the great thing about the Internet. Read More

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There is Help for Anyone Struggling

So, I got into affiliate marketing years ago. Back then, I thought what could be simpler than getting paid for routing the people who visit my blog to other websites and getting paid for it? Well, the difference in how much you get paid can be enormous if you do not know what you are doing. And I was the person not getting paid much. That is, until I learned about who Ewen Chia is about six months ago. Now, I am making enough money to put into savings.

My parents always had financial struggles. I always told myself that I needed to try to do whatever I could to keep that happening in my own house with my own wife and kids. I’ve worked two jobs, worked many long hours above and beyond a simple 40 hours per week. We had tried cutting back to only the basics in order to have a little money left to save for retirement each year, but we kept falling short over and over again. I finally realized that my own parents were doing the best that they knew house. Read More

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Regulation of OCT4 in mammalian ES cells












Gene regulatory networks provide insight into the mechanisms of differential gene expression at a system level. However, the methods for inference, functional analysis and visualization of regulatory modules and networks require the user to collect heterogeneous data from many sources using numerous bioinformatics tools. This makes the analysis expensive and time-consuming. In this work, the BiologicalNetworks application -the data integration and network visualization environment – was extended with tools for inference and analysis of gene regulatory modules and networks. The backend database of the application integrates public data on gene expression, pathways, transcription factor binding sites, gene and protein sequences, and functional annotations. Thus, all data essential for the analysis can be mined publicly. In addition, the user’s data can either be integrated in the database and become public, or kept private within the application. The capabilities to analyze multiple gene expression experiments are also provided. The generated network, regulatory modules and binding sites can be visualized and further analyzed within this same application.

The developed tools were applied to the OCT4 regulatory network in embryonic stem cells.

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  1. What is BiologicalNetworks?
  2. What is PathSys?
  3. Why do we need BiologicalNetworks?
  4. What is GeneOntology?
  5. Where can I view or download the complete sets of GO annotations?
  6. How can I update my GeneOntology annotations?
  1. BiologicalNetworks is a general-purpose software environment for retrieval, construction, and visualization of complex biological networks. BiologicalNetworks provides querying services (querying languages and a querying engine) and an information management framework over PathSys system.
  2. PathSys is a data integration platform that provides dynamic integration over diverse set of databases.
  3. Due to difficulties in integrating heterogeneous data types coping with continuous updating of existing databases or with disparate confidence levels associated with different data sets, most biological databases are focused on a specific subset of biological knowledge. To facilitate this process, we constructed PathSys system and BiologicalNetworks framework over it.
  4. Ontologies are ‘specifications of a relational vocabulary’. In other words they are sets of defined terms like the sort that you would find in a dictionary, but the terms are networked. The terms in a given vocabulary are likely to be restricted to those used in a particular field, and in the case of GO, the terms are all biological.
  5. You do not need update your GO annotations. Every time you run BiologicalNetworks Java Web Start version, programs checks the last version of GO you have, and automatically updates it if needed.
  6. As with the vocabularies, the gene product/GO association sets from contributing groups are available at the GO web site. Tab-delimited files of the associations between gene products and GO terms that are made by the member organizations are available from their individual FTP sites or from a link on the Current Annotations table.

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Tutorials – 2. Getting Started

2. Getting Started
This Chapter covers the following:

  • What types of files are required to run BiologicalNetworks
  • How to modify computer’s configurations to run BiologicalNetworks
  • Java WEB START intsructions
  • How to download and install BiologicalNetworks
  • How to download additional Data files

2.1 System Requirements

In order to run BiologicalNetworks successfully, your computer must meet the following minimum system requirements.

1GHz Intel Pentium CPU
Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000 and XP
25MB Free Disk Space

Linux 2.2.* Kernel on i686 processors
25MB Free Disk Space

800MHz PowerPC G3 or G4
Mac OS X 10.1 and above
25MB Free Disk Space

2.2 Java WEB START Instructions

Begin by clicking WEB START version of the BiologicalNetworks (download size: ~20 MB; download time: depending on your internet connection ~ 2 minutes first download and ~10 seconds all subsequent runs). This starts BiologicalNetworks on your own computer, after downloading the program and annotation from our website. (On subsequent runs, the program or annotation will not be downloaded again unless we have new versions or new annotation for you to use.) If BiologicalNetworks does not start, you may need to install last version of JAVA with Java Web Start inside. It is highly recommended to read the Tutorials section, before starting to use the program.

2.3 Download Additional Data Files.

  1. For making Microarray, 3D protein structure, Functional Data analysis you can download example data files.
    Download the ExampleData.ZIP file containing Stanford (tab delimited), Affymetrix, TIGR, GenePix microarray data, GeneOnology data files and PDB 3D structures of proteins from the BiologicalNetworks website ( Before you download a file, notice that its byte size is provided on the download page. Once the download has completed, check that you have downloaded the full, uncorrupted data file.
  2. Zip file also contains GO annotation files, to make GeneOntology annotation analysis.
  3. Unzip the file anywhere into your hard drive. Now you can load these data files into BiologicalNetworks analysis environment.

2.4 Troubleshooting.

If you have problems running BiologicalNetworks try to disable you firewall program and launch BiologicalNetworks again. If it helps you need to change firewall settings to allow Sun Java to connect to Internet.

For example to enable Sun Java access to Internet in Norton Internet Security you may follow these steps:

  1. Open NIS.
  2. Click on Status & Setting menu item on the left.
  3. Click on Personal Firewall.
  4. Press Configure button.
  5. Select Programs tab.
  6. Find java item in list.
  7. Select Permit All option in Internet Access column.
  8. Click OK.

For other firewall program please refer to it’s manual for more details.

If it doesn’t help try to restart your computer.

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