Fixing Up a Tenement Building

It is a big project and the boss is really excited, at least it is a lot bigger than much of the things that we have done up to this point. Right now we are working with some people who do pest control in NYC, because we quickly realized that there were some rodents going in and out of the place and you want to be rid of them before you put in new wiring for example. They love to chew on anything that they can find and it is a bit silly to leave them alone until you are ready to rent the place out. Since the pest people are going to be using poison you want to get that stuff behind you as quickly as you can. The biggest thing is to figure out how they get in and out, then to seal up their avenues of entry. It seems really obvious that they have been disturbed by a large construction project on the block.It is really simple to listen to the guy I know.

In fact we have tons of stuff to do. It is a lot of work and I figure that it is a paycheck for at least two months. We are going to hire a few people, a pipefitter and an electrician if we can find them. Obviously we do not really want to go with a subcontractor, because they have to have a profit of their own. If we just get the guys that can do the work, then that is going to be good enough for us. It is not that hard to find guys who can lend a hand though. A guy who can show you how things have to be done is going to have a job most of the time.

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