How I Use an Online Check Stub Maker to Help My Elderly Mother Worry Less About How Much Income I Earn

I am a little more than a decade away from retirement. My mom still worries about me and my income. She was in her thirties when she had me, so she is now 85. She worked an hourly wage job since she graduated high school. She did not retire until she was 72. She liked working her job. She never could grasp my income as a consultant. She worries about me being able to collect Social Security working for myself. To put her mind at ease I use a check stub maker online to record my actual salary and withholding that I pay. I know my mom will snoop to make sure I am okay, so I leave the generated paystubs on my desk for her to see. That way she can see that money is being withheld for taxes and Social Security even though I work for myself.

It makes her feel better about me being able to provide for myself. I suppose part of the issue is that my wife and I do not spend a lot of money, so Mom thinks we are struggling. We live in a modest home and drive used cars. I wanted my wife to be able to pursue a volunteer effort she has a real passion for, so we live off of my income. We do just fine at it, but my mother is a worry wort. It is hilarious to my wife and I that even though we are both now officially seniors, we have my mom who is still worried about her baby boy. Some things never change.

My check stub maker idea must be working, because my mom asked me why we haven’t bought a new car in so many years when it looks like we could afford it. I had my back to my mom when she said it, and I just rolled my eyes at my wife. Well, at least Mom is happy with how much I am earning, otherwise she would not have asked that question.

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