It Was My Time to Get out on My Own for the First Time

Living with my parents for so long felt like a drag. I get along with them very well, but they need their privacy and I need mine. And not only that, I often stay out late, and I feel bad when I try to tiptoe in the house, but I learn that I have already accidentally woken my mom up because she heard my car pull into the driveway. I told her that there were a lot of Stockbridge apartments for rent that I was looking into. She was really sad about it.

I was surprised to hear from my dad, after hear learned from my mother that I was moving out. He called me from work, and that is not something he had ever done before. He wanted to know if I was upset with him and that was the reason that I was thinking of moving out. I assured him that was not the issue at all. I just felt bad intruding on their lives when they had put up with having a kid in their home for so many years. He said that wasn’t a problem and that I was welcome to stay longer. But then, I told him that I was also interested on branching out on my own. He laughed and said that if it did not work out, he andmom would willingly let me come back home. Not many adult children have that luxury, that’s for sure.

My mom suddenly became excited about my apartment, and she wanted to come along with me to help pick it out. I felt that it would be a good idea to oblige her, especially since she’d been so sad. Not only that, I’m a guy who often misses a lot of details. I figured that a woman’s touch would be helpful.

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