Moving to an Apartment in Lewsville

I started looking at apartments in Lewisville not that long ago. I knew that I was going to live there after I graduate from college, and I wanted to have everything ready. I did not want to be left scrambling for a place to live after graduating. I had been saving the majority of my money for the last few years from working at the college bookstore, so I had plenty to put down a deposit and buy the furniture that I would need. Money wasn’t a problem, and the town wasn’t the problem. I just needed to find a nice place to live so I could start the next phase of my life.

I looked online since I am over 400 miles from Lewisville. I have already been promised a good job there, which is why I wanted to get everything ready so I could move there as soon as I graduate. That is the great thing about the Internet. I was able to look at different apartments from my college dorm room, and I knew as soon as I saw Toscana Valley Ridge, that it was the place I wanted to go to.

The buildings themselves are really nice, and the grounds look great too from the pictures that are on the website. I liked that I could look at the floor plans, as it allowed me to pick out the apartment that I wanted. There were several different apartments available, each with a different floor plan. I debated on whether to get a one or two bedroom apartment, but I finally settled on just one bedroom and one bathroom. I could not justify spending more money when it is just me that will be living there. I am going to be able to move in in July, which gives me a couple of months after graduation to visit with my family and get everything ready for my big move.

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